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Welcome to NLWKN


Welcome to NLWKN!

We see ourselves as a modern service provider. We protect people from the results of floods, storm surges or hazardous radiation, and we provide industry, other public authorities and the general public with competent expert information on the overall situation in our rivers and nature as a whole. mehr


Flood control

The NLWKN is considered a competent partner when it comes to implementing flood control projects for the dyke associations. Be it the Ems, Elbe, Aller or Weser – the NLWKN plans and builds flood control facilities such as dykes, reservoirs and retention basins. mehr


Defence of islands and coasts

Observing and assessing changes in the coastline, updating strategic plans, accompanying research projects and implementing new approaches are an important part of the work of the NLWKN as the coastal defence authority. mehr


State-owned facilities

The NLWKN operates important water management facilities itself and thereby provides a service for industry, and also for the general public. mehr


Pollution incident control

Oil spills on the Elbe, Weser, Ems and in coastal waters – the NLWKN is responsible for dealing with pollution incidents along the coast and in tidal waters. mehr


Warning services

The NLWKN provides warnings about floods and storm surges, and gives local authorities and institutions full and rapid information in emergencies. mehr


NLWKN as approval authority

The NLWKN approves grants by the Land of Lower Saxony, the German government and the European Union for projects in the water management and nature conservation sectors, and verifies their correct use. mehr


Approval authority

The goal of NLWKN: To organise our use of water as a resource in a way that achieves a sensible balance of economic, environmental and social interests in the eyes of the general public. mehr


Nature conservation

The NLWKN is the sectoral authority for nature conservation in the Land of Lower Saxony. The NLWKN records and evaluates nature conservation data, provides information and advice and is the competent contact for administrative authorities, associations and private individuals when it comes to implementing measures in nature and landscape. mehr


Biological diversity

Conserving biological diversity is the central task of nature conservation in Lower Saxony. The NLWKN has a state-wide overview of the occurrence and distribution of species and habitats. mehr

River Hase by Haselünne

Water Framework Directive

The Water Framework Directive, which has been in force since the year 2000, regards our rivers as a large ecosystem that needs to be protected. The Directive therefore seeks to ensure that as soon as possible, and preferably by 2015, the status of all water resources in Europe should be classified as good; as a minimum, there should be no further deterioration in their status. mehr


Land hydrological service

Hydrological data needed as a basis for water resource planning decisions are available from NLWKN. The land hydrological service within NLWKN has a wide-ranging statutory mandate. mehr


Radiation protection

The NLWKN in Hildesheim is the radiation protection competence centre of the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Environment and Social Affairs. It is a pool for measuring equipment and advice. mehr

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