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Approval authority: Allocate grants – and verify their use!

The NLWKN approves grants by the Land of Lower Saxony, the German government and the European Union for projects in the water management and nature conservation sectors, and verifies their correct use.

The focus is in the field of flood control and coastal defence: Finance is provided for the construction of dykes, barrages or reservoirs. The grants are paid to dyke associations and local authorities.

Public funds are available for near-natural reshaping of rivers, streams and lakes; they go to water and soil associations and to local authorities. Advice on water conservation is a central aspect of the drinking water protection programme – here too the approval notices for farmers and water supply companies come from the NLWKN. Local authorities and wastewater associations profit from the wastewater treatment promotion programme.

In the field of nature conservation, the NLWKN allocates public funds for voluntary contract-based nature conservation and for nature and landscape development projects.

Island protection: Slope revetment, Baltrum
Approved: Flood control measures for Hitzacker
test of flood barrier - mobile parts at Hitzacker

test of flood barrier - mobile parts at Hitzacker


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